Rob Lorenzini, Ph.D., to present paper at ANTEC Orlando

February 16, 2018

Maroon Group, a world-class distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients across North America, is proud to announce Rob Lorenzini, Ph.D., is presenting a paper during ANTEC Orlando titled, “VOC Reducing Additives for Masterbatches and Final Polymer Articles.” This technical talk will take place on May 7 at 4 p.m., Session M11 – Color and Appearance, in the Orange County Convention Center during the Plastics Technology Conference.

Title: VOC Reducing Additives for Masterbatches and Final Polymer Articles

Abstract: The reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in polymers is becoming more important as many automotive producers and OEMs are seeking to meet stringent specifications regarding VOCs in automobile cabins. In addition, “cosmetic organoleptics” are becoming more important as polymers continue to replace other materials such as metals, and as consumers remain generally wary of polymers in their lives from a health and safety perspective. Herein, synthetic aluminosilicate polymer additives are shown, quantitatively, to reduce the VOCs/odors resultant from processing and the end-use of polymeric articles. Various gas chromatography experiments are utilized to quantitatively show the chemical species that are captured by this powerful additive, as well as human sniffing testing to qualitatively show the effects on the perceived odor. In addition to size exclusion mechanisms, this synthetic mineral additive derives its specificity from the inherent hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the different zeolite crystal lattices.

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About Rob Lorenzini, Ph.D.
Dr. Rob Lorenzini earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly Brooklyn Polytechnic) and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Connecticut. He conducted his post-doctoral work at Cytec as a research scientist and studied ultraviolet absorbers and stabilizers, and was shortly promoted to Technical Service Manager in which he ran all global technical service projects. As Technology Manger at Maroon Group, Rob provides technical support to the sales team and customers. His responsibilities also entail regular interface with Principals on all aspects of current and future technology platforms.

About Maroon Group
Maroon Group is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients across North America. Founded in 1977 and based in Avon, Ohio, Maroon Group is comprised of several regional operating companies focused on specific markets and geographies. Each operating company leverages a common infrastructure of industry leading technology, value-add services, global sourcing & logistics network, and a commitment to Creating Customer Success®. This operating philosophy has enabled Maroon Group to offer its customers, principal suppliers, and employees national capabilities while maintaining a local focus.